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These may take some time to load.   Remember, patience is a virtue!

The Apostles weren't prepared to sit in the same boat with one who commands the wind and the waves and they obey him.  It's the same with us, isn't it?

Is Jesus the Son of God?

Is Jesus more than just a good man?

Did Jesus die on the Cross? Is Jesus alive today?

We carried VBS into our worship service to answer these questions not only from Scripture but from Jewish and pagan sources contemporary to Jesus and the Apostles. We also focused on the kids in our praise.  A good time was had by all.

What does the Bible teach us about the "Supernatura?"  How do we stand when it comes to demon possession and the Holy Spirit?

What did the outcast woman and the synagogue ruler have in common?

It's something we have in common that motivates us all, (or should)

It's something we need to take risks to find.


Jesus teaches us why to pray by showing us our Heavenly Father.

The Satanic Body and the Body of Christ.  Which are you host to?

The Sign of Jonah is the light of truth whose flame cannot be quenched.

It is the one fact of history that cannot be explained away.

Are your prayers empty? your worship empty? your praise contrived?  Something is wrong!

Find out what.

The Leaven of the Pharisees.

How to rid yourself of Greed and be rich toward God.

Jesus calls us to live our lives trusting Him to deliver on His promises.

If the promise of The Kingdom doesn't move you, how about FIRE ON THE EARTH!

Learn the secret of the wise manager and why the foolish manager is assigned a place with the unbelievers.

Something happened 2000 years ago that has been transforming peoples lives.  Lets go back and and hear from one of the first Christians to experience the power of the Gospel.

When we put limits on our willingness to forgive we promote a false god.  How does that work?

In this short narrative in Luke 17 we find a stark difference between a life of obiedient duty and a life  motivated by gratitude, love, and praise.  Which did Jesus desire more?  Which life do you live?  How can you foster the kind of life Jesus desires?

The Kingdom of God, The Days of the Son  of Man, and the Day of the Lord.  Don't get them confused!, It's important!

Here is the secret that unlocks a powerful prayer life.  It's not just about aways praying and not giving up!, it's about WHY to aways pray and not give up.

What Must I do to  be Saved?  Luke 18:16-30.  Three messages that answer the same question, but what is the answer?  It's probably not what you think!  We all need to  get this right.

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